About the Instructors

Greg, Colby class of 2006, is a Doctoral Candidate in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on how computer simulation and other new methodologies spurred by expanding computer power have changed the nature and handling of data, particularly within atmospheric physics. Greg has a strong interest in fostering interdisciplinary approaches to climate issues: he has led an interdisciplinary working group funded by the Jackman Humanities Institute, has served as a interim committee chair for the Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged History and Philosophy of Science, and is a Massey College Junior Fellow.

Melissa is PhD student in the History of Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation examines the role that different spatial and temporal scales play in moments of environmental change, both as scientists try to understand the past and predict the future. Melissa’s environmental short, “24-7B,” premiered at the Tales of Planet Earth film festival  in November 2013. She continues to be involved with the Center for Culture, History and Environment (CHE), is on the editorial board of Canadian Guider, and is on the organizing collective of LGBT Books to Prisoners.

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